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Programming *Is* Radical

Second instance of Radical Computer Science was even better than the first one. We did a rapid spin through programming language history, from the abacus through crazy things like APL and into the languages we know and love today, like C, Lisp and Javascript (my first love and my newest laptop sticker). And then the black magic that is a stack language, like Factor.

We got to look at assembler code and see what v8 Javascript compiles down to. We got to talk about chips and registers checked out a piece of Plankalkül, one of the earliest modern languages. Lesson: Obscure single-letter variables date back to the very beginning of programming.

One very-interesting detour was into the question of whether making Sol Lewitt works with computers is counter to the glory of the Sol Lewitt, which is to say, in the interpretation. Argument is that different people programmed their computers differently, which I would say just goes to show its the people that mattered.

Overall A++, would learn again.