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Not So Iron

And, lo, in the first week the Iron Blogger ceased to be because everyone was exhausted, as we discussed in checkin.

I also noticed how much closer I was feeling to our class — less like strangers, more like … summer campers. I even found myself wondering if I might cry at the final campfire.

Finally, the big perk of the day was talking to Sara Hendren, who came to visit us for two days. She really made time to do one-on-ones with everyone who was intersted, and that was awesome.

I talked to her about feeling a little lost on where I see myself on the art +--------|--------+ tech spectrum and really what it means to know yourself and follow the paths that matches and also about being willing to wait a little to see which sprouted ideas are dandelions and which will grow into trees.

Her work does a lot to promlematize the entire concept of “normal” and to open up ideas of affordance and augmentation: this I found to be a really fertile path. I have a nice little note in my phone in fact that says “something something … assisted imagination > prostheses” and other one on “‘EMBODIMENT’: Our spirits inhabiting objects, letting spirits out … Proust!” which is related to finishing not only Swann’s Way but also Proust’s Overcoat, a tiny little book on collecting and feteshism as embodied by M. Guerin’s 20th century Proust collection.

Overall, Sara seemed very kindred and that was super awesome. I think this thing is going to be better than I imagined — and in a way I didn’t expect. Which is really the thing about learning, I suppose.